On the Environment, Climate Change, & Conservation

On Technology (selected)

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Poetry, Lyric Essays, Video Work, Interviews, etc.

Contiguous — Poet Lore (print)

Let's Never Have It All — Out of Sequence: The Sonnets Remixed (anthology)

Self-Portrait in a 19-inch Magnavox — Barrelhouse

The Last Gratitude — SLAB (print)

For Henry and Involuntary Memory — Revolver (out of print)

Red Shoe Diaries  — H_NGM_N (out of print)

24 — Word Riot (out of print)

Day Trip with David — Heavy Feather Review

Two poems — [PANK]

Neurasthenic — Rufous City Review

Terminal 1: Enoncé — The Destroyer

The Plaza — Thunderclap (out of print)

Interview (w/ Carissa Halston) — Open Letters Monthly

Two poems — The Legendary